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Apple iPad start shipping

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Apple, the leading computer maker, is launching its regular sale of the ultra-modern tablet computer iPad from April 3. However, shipping for advance bookings has been started from Monday 29th March.
The iPad will be available for sale on Saturday through Apple stores across the United States, as well as at branches of Best Buy 'electronic stores'. However, reports suggest that the number of iPads available at Best Buy will be very limited, meaning that only 15 iPads will be provided at each store, four of which will be for display only and will not be sold.
According to the Apple company's announcement, after March 27, customers who buy an iPad online will no longer be able to ship this computer before April 12. Some experts say the reason for the iPad demand is so high that its supply has become a problem for the company. However, some other experts believe that it may even be Apple's marketing strategy to give the world the impression that the demand for the iPad is so high that all the computers manufactured by now have sold out.

On the other hand,, a US-based technology website, says 30,000 eBooks will be provided free of charge with iPads on sale March 3. This website provides all information about Apple products.
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