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Apple's Tablet PC Scene

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Steve Jobs introduces Tablet PC at an event held at the Apple Company's headquarters in San Francisco on Wednesday.
In the world of computers, Macintosh and the iPhone, in the music world, the iPhone and iPod in the music world have long been awaiting Apple's sophisticated computer tablet PC. It is thought that this new product will be named iPad or iSlate. Various estimates are being made about the functions of this computer, but the special thing about the Apple company is that it has not yet let the information about this new computer be made public. Various websites have also set aside funds to get photos and videos of this new computer, but still nothing is final. Silicon Valley's Gossip website, has offered a $ 10,000 prize for a certified photo of this new tablet PC, while the award for video is $ 20,000.
When contacted, Tim Cook, a senior Apple company official, declined to comment on any of these predictions. He said he did not want people to ruin the surprise of the surprises before introducing this new product.
However, experts looking for the latest innovations in technology think that not only newspapers but books can be read on this modern computer, equipped with 10 to 12 inch sized touch screens, full multimedia and internet browsing facilities. In addition to this, there will be movies and television programs available.
It is estimated that Apple's tablet computer will cost between US $ 800 and $ 1000.
This tablet computer is Apple's first major product since the introduction of the iPhone three years ago. That is why so many hopes are being shared. Computer experts and users have been curious as to whether this new masterpiece of the Apple company will meet its expectations.
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