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Fresh air and sunlight - natural antibiotics

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Scientists have discovered medicines around the 1930s that prevent the spread of germs, called antibiotics, and doctors hoped that some of them would end. They felt that these medicines were living up to their expectations, but they found that their excessive use resulted in germs that did not affect them.
That is why some scientists are rethinking the methods used in the prevention of diseases, one of which is the use of fresh and sunlight.
A tried method for centuries
Two or three centuries ago, some doctors in England emphasized that sunlight and fresh air were useful for the treatment, for example, Dr. John Lettsum (1744-1818) suggested that in TB. Sea breeze and sunlight are very beneficial for infected children. In 1840, surgeon George Boddington found that people who work in the open air, such as farmers, shepherds, etc., are not usually victims of TB. But most people who work indoors most of the time are more likely to get TB.
Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910) was a nurse who cared for British soldiers who were wounded in the war in the Crimea, during which time they introduced some new methods of nursing. He told doctors: "When you go into a person's room at night or before the window opens in the morning, you may have noticed that such a room smells and smells. "They suggested that fresh air is important in the patient's room, but it should be enough so that the patient does not get cold." There are two important things I learned while caring for patients: firstly, their room needs fresh air and secondly, they also need light ... Not sunlight. ”Many people at that time also believed that hanging bed sheets and clothes in the sun had a good effect on a patient's health.
Since the nineteenth century there has been much progress in the field of science, but modern research has shown that sunlight and fresh air are good for health. For example, research conducted in China in 2011 showed that The arrangement of air flow to college hostels is not so good, "there are more people suffering from respiratory diseases."
The World Health Organization says it is very important for the prevention of diseases to have a structure in place so that fresh air can enter every part of the building, according to a report published in 2009 by the Department. It is suggested that proper arrangements for air transport be made in hospitals to reduce the chance of spreading diseases. *
You might say, "This is good to hear, but is this theory scientifically correct? How do sunlight and fresh air help prevent the spread of diseases?"
Natural herbal medicines
To find out the answers to these questions, consider the research conducted by the British Ministry of Defense. Scientists try to find out how long the virus was exposed in London if a bomb made with dangerous germs was dropped. They did an experiment for that - they put germs on spider webs and left them in the open air - they did this at night because they knew that the sun Such germs die in the light of. What are the consequences of this experiment?
After about two hours, almost all the germs died, but when the germs were kept in the box at this place and at this temperature, most of the germs survived after two hours. What was the reason? It seems that germs die in the open for some reason. Scientists do not fully understand why this happens, but research has shown that fresh air contains natural chemicals that are the main ingredient of bactericidal drugs. Work
Sunlight also has therapeutic properties, and most of the pathogens that spread the disease die in the sun, ”says the journal Journal of Hospital Infection (available in English).
So how can you benefit from natural antibiotics, such as fresh air and sunlight, so you can go out and get fresh air and enjoy the sunshine for a reasonable amount of time. Will be very beneficial to health.

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