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Indian cricketer breaks record of Wasim Akram

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Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma has broken the old record of Pakistan's leading cricketer Waseem Akram and set a new record for the past 23 years.
According to the report, Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma broke the 23-year-old record of former Pakistani captain and all-rounder Wasim Akram by hitting a maximum of 13 sixes in one test. Wasim Akram hit 12 sixes in 1996 against Zimbabwe, but it is clear that Rohit Sharma has scored 13 sixes in both innings of the Test match while Waseem Akram has scored 12 sixes in just one innings.
Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma scored a century in both innings of the test, and he surpassed former Australian batsman Don Bradman, setting a batting average of over 100 in Indian soil.
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