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Possible to launch the new iPad in March?

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The new iPhone 5s with Apple's small screen are likely to be introduced in March, and a new tablet may also be rolled out.
According to Apple-reported blogger Nine to Five, the company may introduce a 9.7-inch new iPad Air 3 during an event in March.
Pencil support will be provided in this tablet, while faster processor A Nine X, along with better speakers and rear camera flash, will be part of it.
The iPad Air II was supposed to be introduced in October 2014, but instead of the latest version, Apple announced the introduction of the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4.
Apple's 4-inch iPhone will be the focus of the event in March, but the new Smart Watch may have to wait until September.
The event is expected by Apple on March 14, which will introduce IOS and Watch OS updates with different devices.
A preview of several new features from Apple was introduced earlier this month.
In recent days, Apple is focusing on markets where low-cost devices can be sold, given the trend of declining sales of iPhones and tablets.
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