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Shah Mehmood invites US senator to visit Azad Kashmir

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Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has invited US Senator Chris Van Hollen to visit Azad Kashmir, who has not been able to visit occupied Kashmir.

The US Secretary of State met with the US Senator in Multan, after which the two leaders held a joint press conference.
Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister said that the US Senator was not allowed to visit India-occupied Kashmir but there was no restriction on his visit to Azad Kashmir.

Shah Mehmood invited the US Senator to visit and said that Senator Chris Van Hollen has come to Pakistan from India, if he wants, we invite him to Azad Kashmir.
He added that Senator Chris Van Hollen wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump on the situation in Kashmir, mentioning the closure of schools, resorts and hospitals due to curfew in occupied Kashmir and also in the Valley. The sick cannot go to the hospital.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the issue of Kashmir in the General Assembly and now Indian media is also writing on the situation in occupied Kashmir.

He said that I am grateful to US President Donald Trump, who understood the Kashmir issue.

The US Senator told the media that there is a powerful government in Pakistan right now, in Kashmir, the rule of law and humanity should be taken care of.

He further said that talks between Kashmir and India and Pakistan are a difficult phase.

It is thought that India refused to allow US Senator Chris Van Hollen to visit occupied Kashmir.
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