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The return of the pilgrims from Saudi Arabia is complete

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The last pilgrimage flight in connection with Hajj operations left on September 14 with 442 people
The pilgrimage of Hajj pilgrims back to Medina (Saudi Arabia) has concluded. Saudi pilgrims have reported that the last pilgrimage flight departed Indonesia, carrying 442 pilgrims from Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Medina, Medina.
 The last pilgrimage convoy was left by a delegation headed by Saudi Airline Engineer Saleh bin Nasir al-Jasser. The pilgrims were also given various gifts on this occasion. It is pertinent to mention that the new Umrah Season has also begun with the beginning of the new Hijri year on the 1st Muharram al-Haram in Saudi Arabia.
Talking to reporters in this regard, Gen. Sulaiman Alayhiyah, the head of the Gazette, said that all the relevant institutions had prepared well for the new Umrah season.
This year, the number of immigrants is targeted to increase by 20%. This time a comprehensive plan has been developed to provide more facilities to Mathuras than before. To this end, new technology has been introduced, which will allow migrants to complete the immigration process within a minute and not have to wait. It should be noted that in the last Umrah season, more than 70 million people received Umrah. Most of them were Pakistanis, who ranks first on the Ummah list with over 16 million counts.
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