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You may never have thought of this loss of fast food

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From calories to salt, sugar and other ingredients, there are a number of reasons that make fast food harmful to health, but now a new study has revealed that the ingredients used for packaging these diets Materials contain a toxic chemical that can harm our bodies.
In fact, people who prefer home-cooked foods have significantly lower levels of PFSA chemicals in their bodies that affect the levels of hormones than those who eat from hotels.
This study looked at data from the United States Longitudinal Survey National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which examined the amount of PFSA chemicals in blood samples before and after eating during 2003 to 2014. Was.
The research found that people who prefer fresh foods, especially home-cooked foods, have lower levels of PFSA chemicals in their blood than those who prefer the diet of fast food or other restaurants.
Research published in the journal Environmental Health Prosecutions showed the level of PFAS in the bodies of fast food eaters and home lovers.
The 5 most common types of PFAS were detected in the blood of 70% of the people surveyed and it was also discovered that in those who eat fast food, the level of PFAS was high even after 24 hours. Is.
In fact, such chemicals often pass fast through the human body, but while PFAS may be present for years, it also means that fondness for fast food increases its levels in the body.
This chemical is commonly found in fast food cans and wrappers and is released into the body by means of fat.
Research reports in the past have shown that PFAS chemicals can cause infertility problems by interfering with the body's natural system of hormones, while also promoting children's development and learning.
These chemicals are also likely to cause problems in the immune system as they slow down the physiological response to vaccines and have been linked to increased cholesterol levels and cancer in some research reports.
These chemicals can also cause body weight gain or obesity, research by Harvard and Pennington Biomedical Research Institute last year found that people who have high PFAS levels are more likely to be obese. , Which causes changes in metabolic rate.
This new research team says people can protect themselves from the effects of this chemical by using less of the pack and processed diets.
"We all know that home-made foods are good for health for a variety of reasons," said Lorel Scheidler, who is on the research team. Should give the priority.
The study found that people who eat more fish are more likely to increase PFAS levels in their body, while eating popcorn prepared in the microwave can increase the level of these chemicals.
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