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How can Saudi Arabia get into the field of science and research?

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The global list includes 6217 researchers from 60 countries with high experience in various fields.
14 scholars from Saudi Arabia were added to the global list of researchers, joining the global list will open more avenues for science and research in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia receives new honor in the field of knowledge and research globally, 14 scholar and teaching staff members of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology of Saudi Arabia have been added to the global list of researchers of 2019 ۔
The list is comprised of scholars based on their academic endeavors and publication in the International Journal of Investigation in the field of research.
President of the cast Tony Chen said that the university is proud to be included in the global list of research academics and its faculty members, King Abdullah has been included in the list of the best universities in science and technology in the world. Joining the university's list of 14 scholarly international researchers is the biggest success of a 10-year career.
He said that joining the global list of researchers of King Abdullah Science Viticulture University would open more avenues in the field of science and technology in Saudi Arabia.
Tony Chen added that the efforts of the University researchers will allow other knowledgeable scholars of the world and the State to have the knowledge of other countries to join their research, in this global list of scholars from 60 countries 6217 researchers with high experience in different fields were included.
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