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The movie Terminator hits the US box office

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According to details, the film terminator has become the number one film by releasing a movie clown at the US box office within a few days of its release. Has made $ 9 million. The story of the movie tour theater revolves around an inimitable foe that released life this Friday and hit the box office with great business. The movie Joker, who has occupied the number one position for several weeks, has come in second this week, which has done more than $ 100 million in business. At the US box office, the film Maleficent Mr. Offaly has earned a third position, earning $ 22.5 million in the race to earn it. The fourth position this week was the rule of a new movie headset. This movie with a black town story has grossed $ 20 million. The animated comedy of the smiling movie The Adams Family continues to this day. At the cost of $ 5 million, it was the fifth highest grossing film at the US box office.
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