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FBI presses Apple to stop data encryption

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Apple under pressure from US investigative firm FBI to abandon plans to completely encrypt consumer data According to reports, Apple had planned to put the user data in iCloud in a fully encrypted form, but the FBI didn't want that. In the data encryption process, users' data is converted into a code and access to it is impossible without a password. Reuters broke the news and reported that Apple had been secretly working on this encryption method for two years. But some say the encryption program was stopped because it feared that users would be locked out of their own account. That is, you won't be able to access your data if you don't remember your password or security information. Apple's plan was 'End to and Encryption', in which case the password can't be 'de-encrypted' or the organization can even help remove encryption if the password is not remembered. Apple's current service can help users recover their data if it's stolen or the iPhone is lost. If a user forgets his backup security information such as passwords, etc., the company can help the user because Apple has a copy of the user's iCloud 'security encryption' information. Technology blogger John Gruber writes that if Apple introduces 'and then and encryption' for cloud backup, it will mean that users will not be able to access their data if they forget their password.

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