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Corona virus, good news for mobile phone users from abroad

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Islamabad Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked the process of blocking mobile phones in the wake of Corona virus and can now register in 90 days instead of 60 days.
According to details, the PTA has suspended the mobile phone blocking process in the wake of the Corona virus and was told that to ensure reduction in social interaction, all GSM-approved IMEs on mobile networks Those who are not currently registered with the PTA have been given 30 more days by the PTA for registration, after which registration can now be made in 90 days instead of 60 days.
PTA officials say the decision has been taken to facilitate and facilitate the people and the mobile phones will be blocked according to their decision on April 19, 2020 as per their due dates and will be informed via SMS. There will also be awareness.
It is important to note that under the Device Identification Registration Blocking System (DIBS), all mobile phones connected to any local mobile phone network through local SIM, for the first time use local network. Registration must be done within 60 days, but due to unusual circumstances, blocking of unverified mobile phones that were to be blocked between March 18 and April 18, 2020 is now blocked according to their due dates from April 19, 2020. Will be done
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