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Discovering Effective Drugs to Treat Corona Virus.?

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China has said that the Corona virus, a drug used for a new type of influenza in Japan, is proving effective.
According to a report in the British daily The Guardian, Zheng Shin Min, a Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology official, said the effects of the drug Favipiravir were encouraging during clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen.
The drug was used in 340 patients and the official said 'it has proven to be very effective in treating it with being very safe'.
According to the report, in those patients who used the drug in Shenzhen, the virus ended 4 days after the test came out positive, while the use of other drugs for the symptoms of the disease without the drug required an average of 11 days to recover. ۔
In addition, the use of this new drug from X-ray confirmed the improvement in the lung condition of 91% of patients, while in other medicines the rate is close to 62%.
The drug was manufactured by Fuji Chemical in Toyama Chemicals in 2014, but declined to release a statement on its Chinese claim.
But after the Chinese official's statement, the company's shares saw a 14 percent increase on Wednesday.
In Japan, too, the drug is being used for clinical trials on patients with minor symptoms of the Corona virus, and they are expected to prevent the development of the virus in patients. ۔
But sources from the Japanese Ministry of Health say the drug is not likely to be effective for patients with serious symptoms as it has not been seen in patients in whom the virus has spread.
Sources added that the same problem was seen in serious cases, in addition to patients who used a combination of drugs used for HIV infection.
This new drug will require government approval to use it extensively for the new Novel Corona virus disease Code 19, as it was originally designed to treat the flu.
A Japanese Ministry of Health official told local media that the use of this drug for Code 19 patients may be approved until May, but if the clinical research results are delayed, the approval process may be delayed.
It is important to note that Cod 19 is not currently treated, but its symptoms are treated with different medicines depending on their nature and the World Health Organization says that 97% of the patients also recover.
Vaccines are being prepared in different countries for this, while testing for human vaccines has begun in the United States, but the general availability of a vaccine will require a period of one and a half years.
Considering that the number of Corona virus cases is increasing in Pakistan, the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 249.
The highest number of Corona cases were reported in Sindh province with 181 reported, while Punjab was second with 23 cases, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 19 and Balochistan with 16, Gilgit-Baltistan 5 and Islamabad 2 cases. There are, however, no cases from Azad Kashmir.
Worldwide, the number of Corona virus cases has grown to more than 2 million, while more than 8 thousand 200 deaths and 83,000 have been recovered.
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