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How does the body react against the corona virus?

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Scientists hope to be able to detect and cope with the disease, cod 19, in the body of patients with the new nasal corona virus, hoping it will help vaccine and cure the outbreak.
Research published in the journal Nature Nature discovered that 4 immune cells are active against this new novel corona virus.
Researchers discovered that the patient's body is invading the virus in the same way that it is against the flu.
The woman was taken from Wuhan to Australia and was diagnosed with the disease 11 days later at a hospital in Melbourne, although she apparently had not been contacted by a previously affected person.
Four days before going to the hospital, symptoms included sore throat, dry cough, chest pain and fever.
Doctors confirmed code 19 after the test and 7 days later the virus test became positive, after which he was asked to send himself home, where the symptoms of the disease disappeared after 13 days.
After taking the patient's blood samples before and after treatment, the research team discovered that his body had been attacked in different ways against the virus, although the body had never encountered the virus before.
Catherine Kadzierska, a professor at the University of Melbourne's research, told BBC News that her team reviewed the patient at all times and was able to learn about immune response.
Three days before the symptoms disappear, scientists discovered specific immune cells in the patient's blood, which are also commonly seen in flu patients.
They now plan to map this immune response to various patients with Cod19 and in this regard, those with a serious infection will be evaluated to help treat the virus and develop vaccines.
Researchers say this discovery is important because for the first time we have been able to understand the physiological immune system's response to the novel corona virus,
"Scientists now need to understand why some patients have a high severity or why they die so that their safety can be devised," he said.
He said that immune cells often appear before a patient recovers from diseases such as the flu, and by looking at it we can predict the well-being of patients and the same can happen in people with Cod-19.
He added that this information will help us to develop a vaccine that will act as a replica of the physiological immune system.
Australian Minister of Health Greg Hunt said the research was "the latest mapping in the world against the Corona virus, which would potentially help to establish therapies with the vaccine."
Considering that the number of Corona virus cases in Pakistan is increasing, the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 237 in the country.
So far, more than 100,000 100,000 Corona virus cases have been confirmed worldwide, with around 7,000 deaths and more than 80,000 recovering.
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