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More than a billion devices now use Windows 10

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Microsoft reports that the Windows 10 operating system is currently operating on more than one billion active devices in the world.
These figures include desktop computers, laptops, Xbox One consoles and holoLens devices, and Microsoft has achieved the goal of reaching Windows 10 devices by a billion, two years later.
Microsoft also reported that there are currently more than 17.8 million Windows Insider testers.
When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in 2015, it planned to increase the number of devices using this operating system to one billion over the next 3 years, but Windows Phone's failure to extend the duration given.
The target was still achieved in less than 5 years.
Yousuf Mehdi revealed that Windows 10 is now the only operating system that is part of more than 80 thousand computer models, different laptops and two-in-one from over 1,000 different companies.
A billion milestone was set when Microsoft's support for Windows 7 was lifted in January, helping the company achieve that goal as businesses replaced the new operating system with Windows 7. Graded.
This upgrade marks the first time the computer market has seen growth rate since 2011.
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