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The world's most powerful "quantum computer" will be introduced soon 5 views.

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WASHINGTON (NNI) The world's "most powerful" quantum computer will soon be introduced. Generally when it comes to the world's most powerful computer, big companies like IBM and Google are immediately available. Come to mind But the race has added a new company, which has until now been considered a home controller and thermostat maker.
Honeywell International, a subsidiary of Quantum Solutions, claims to introduce the world's 'most powerful' quantum computer in the next three months, according to a foreign news agency. Honeywell International focuses primarily on defensive technology in space. Also provides facilities. Company experts believe that their new quantum computer will be more powerful and faster than the computer made by IBM in 2017 regarding computing performance.
"We have been working on quantum computers for the last ten years and will be introduced in the next three months," said Tony Atley, Head of Honeywell Quantum Solutions. Following this, worldwide partners will be able to access the computer via the Internet.
Honeywell claims that the quantum volume of its computer will be at least 64, which is being planned to expand, which will continue for the next five years.
Google Sycamore is claimed to have led the field in 2019 with 53 cubits. Recently, IBM also claimed that the quantum volume of its 28-qubit computer was 32.
According to the report, Microsoft, Long Qi, QCi, DeView, 1 QBit'Rigetti and StrangeWorks are also working on quantum computing. Performance wise quantum computers are called faster and more powerful than supercomputers. Quantum Computing is in the running for better performance among the world's largest technology companies. Honeywell is being called a new competitor in this race. Quantum computers use Q-bits instead of traditional bits.
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