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Corona virus and pharmaceutical companies.

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Corona virus and pharmaceutical companies. The world is badly affected by the Corona epidemic. There is a strange anarchy everywhere. Rich countries and poor and backward Third World, everyone's faces are question marks. An unanswered question. Leaders and scientists around the world seem to be working together to find the answer to this still unanswered question. But the question is, what is the real question? Is it just an epidemic? Or there are more specific motives behind this epidemic. Here we are not going to speculate on whether the virus was spread by China or the United States, but by looking at the facts from a different angle. We cannot ignore the fact that in today's world, the human mind puts the pursuit of financial gain first. While human lives are being lost due to this deadly epidemic, the bitter reality that many large corporations are reaping financial benefits collectively or individually cannot be ignored. Whether they are gloves, masks or disinfectants for general use. Similarly, corona testing kits, ie now you have to test corona only on suspicion. Similarly, the potential use of ventilators, which at one time could have been necessary for very few patients in hospitals, has now increased exponentially. In March alone, China exported 3 million testing kits worldwide.
Similarly, Ford, an American carmaker, is now tasked with making ventilators, to supply middle and poor countries during an epidemic.The price may be a bit lower than under normal circumstances, but somewhere or other someone is taking financial advantage of it. Let's take a closer look at who can benefit from the Corona Outbreak. When this epidemic first took hold, the first question that came to everyone's mind was what is the cure for this disease? Has there ever been a vaccine that could break it? The immediate answer to this question was no, and people around the world were blown away by the fact that it was a virus that had not yet been vaccinated.
Pharmacists are well aware that it takes approximately ten to twelve years, or sometimes more, to develop a new drug. For some time, the conspiracy theory has been working in such a way that all this is the work of the United States, in order to curb China's growing economy. The United States, on the other hand, has used the term "Chinese virus" to explicitly accuse China of being a Chinese villain.
In a sense, the correctness of one of the two allegations would be good news from the point of view that if this virus was really invented by a single country, then surely that country would also have an anti-virus, that is, a vaccine. This was further strengthened when US President Donald Trump announced at a press conference the good news about chloroquine that the anti-malarial drug also has anti-corona resistance, but then other lobbies began to oppose it.
Former US Food and Drug Association (USFDA) officials have accused the drug of being a barrier to research into corona without any formal research, and have been accused of seeking political gain. Being done for Thus, President Trump's good news proved to be an arrow in the air. And no further concrete evidence was sought. The question is, if doctors in Japan, Switzerland, and some other countries have observed a decrease in corona virus in patients with necrona in combination with chloroquine and azithromycin, why is this treatment not encouraged further when Keep dying In a situation where you have no other way to save your life, is it against the law to use the illusion of hope?.
This question still needs to be answered. Could the agreement between the two parties be purely political or commercial? The future historian will have a hard time understanding and proving this.On the other hand, Gilead Scientific, a biological pharmaceutical company in the United States, claimed that their invented drug against SARS and Ebola virus, Remdesivir, would also be effective against Corona.
Therefore, the FDA approval process should be expedited. Since Remdesivir's mode of action is such that it is unlikely to be effective against any other virus. Simply put, every living cell has a substance called ribonucleic acid. Also called RNA for short. It is also the basis of life.
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