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Use of state-of-the-art technology for corona vaccine.

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Use of state-of-the-art technology for corona vaccine.
Researchers around the world are rushing to develop an emergency code-19 vaccine. The reason for this momentum is the recent report that despite the efforts to eradicate it in Asia, a second wave of Corona epidemic is coming. New cases have surfaced since the governments of Wuhan, Hong Kong and Singapore lifted their distance restrictions last week. That's why global scientists are trying to develop this epidemic vaccine on a scale that is unprecedented. Hundreds of them are working in the United States. So many scientists - more than 125 organizations - including major pharmaceutical companies, government and top university laboratories - are working to find a vaccine and cure for corona. A trade association that includes pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. Never before has there been such a rapid response, according to Phil Arthur, the biome's in-charge of infectious policy making and its vice president. In just a few weeks, we have begun to move beyond genetic sequencing toward treatment possibilities.
Restrictions on public gatherings, commercial activities, and travel may be limited to slowing the spread of the disease, as evidenced by the evidence. There are indications that the epidemic could resurface once these restrictions are lifted. After initially succeeding in controlling the epidemic, Singapore has imposed new restrictions on schools and all non-essential business activities. Hong Kong has also experienced a return to power after easing sanctions, while Europe and the United States are battling sanctions in the early stages.
 In Wuhan, too, the epidemic was raging again. Even after the vaccine is developed, Code-19 will still be a problem, because researchers do not know that in the coming years, the virus will not mutate and make genetic changes in itself, which will affect its effectiveness from the genetic difference of the vaccine. Will I be reduced or not? "We don't know how fast the evolution of this virus is," said chemical physicist Diodextra, who has been working on bioterrorism for decades at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the Code 19 vaccine project. ۔ Therefore, it can be said that it is not going to go fast, because it has spread in the population. So it will evolve. The current political debate on Code 19 focuses on facial masks, ventilators, and medical personnel rapid tests. But researchers in laboratories across the country are so active in discovering new tools, new drugs, and new ways to treat the epidemic.
 Never before. According to Amy Finan, chief executive of the non-profit firm Sabine Vaccine Institute, the 125 organizations bring together the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to create an environment in which the voices of new biotech companies cannot be heard. He added that the response to the epidemic has been "extraordinary", with researchers working to protect their country. The vaccine community wants to work together to achieve its goal as soon as possible. A vaccine trial was launched in Washington last month to determine the safety of the drug. While some other vaccines will soon enter the testing phase. But the second phase of testing and obtaining permission for the use of the drug and its mass preparation will take time. According to Arthur, it is not yet clear how and in what numbers these vaccines will be used together. It could be used in the form of the Ebola vaccine, which is kept in reserve, so that it can be used on a large scale after the outbreak of the epidemic. Or it could be given to everyone like the measles vaccine.
 Fenan says research on the epidemic is largely in the field of organic matter. A statement from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy said the United States is waiting for a response, as federal agencies, private The resources of industries, universities and non-profit organizations must be shared. At the federal level, 1,000 scientists and doctors have been trained to manage the world's largest supercomputer network. In Francisco, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is using computer modeling technology to work to determine the reliability of atomic bombs, and the young man can examine 26 million molecules to see how they work together to make the corona virus work. Can destroy To do this, scientists created a 3D virtual model of the virus and examined how the molecule could connect to the virus.
 The modeling work required so much computational energy that it has only been online for a few years. One of the challenges, according to Livermore scientist Rextra, was to supply the extra high voltage electricity needed to run the supercomputer bank, for which the laboratory recently spent an additional 150 million.
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