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When will the corona virus end.?

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When will the corona virus end? ISLAMABAD: A university in Singapore has predicted that the corona virus will be eradicated in June this year. Prime Minister's Health Adviser Zafar Mirza told the public on the day the results of the study came out. Not only was this good news, but people were eager to hear it. But is that really true? To find out, you have to analyze the data. The Singapore University of Technology and Design has surveyed all the countries affected by the epidemic. Pakistan is also a part of it. The "Susceptible Infected Record" (SRR) model was created to assess the extent of the spread of the epidemic. According to research, 90% of the corona virus will be eradicated from the world by June. The time of eradication of the virus varies slightly depending on the specific countries and varies from a few days to a few months. According to research, the virus will be completely eradicated from the world by December 2020. I wish it was all that easy. But it's not. Apparently, the study suggests that people who have recovered from the virus will not show symptoms again and therefore have been issued a "risk-free" or "immunity passport" certificate. Can go; which is the idea put forward by some governments so that people can be sent to work. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no evidence that people who have recovered from the virus and have antibodies against the virus will not be infected a second time. Also, the study did not examine the precautions and behavior of the population to prevent a second wave of the virus from occurring. The Japanese island of Hokkaido is a clear example. At first, a severe lockdown was imposed on the island, which almost wiped out the corona virus, but as soon as the island was reopened, a second wave of the virus attacked, forcing the island to be locked again. On the other hand, the European country Germany is considering the option of opening the country carefully and at the same time Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that we are not gambling to waste what we have earned so hard. Maybe because there is a fear of a bigger blow. Germany is one of the few countries where exemplary measures have been taken to deal with the epidemic, and the WHO has praised Germany's efforts. Jonas Schmidt-Schneist, an epidemiologist in Germany, suggested that instead of opening the whole country at once, the results should be seen by ending the phased lockdown. China and South Korea are two countries that were initially infected, but now there are more cases of people being infected with the virus. A second wave has also hit Singapore. Heatwave is being cited as one of the factors that can kill the corona virus, but there is no evidence of that. The corona virus has shocked the whole world. Scientists are trying their best to understand this, many things are still unknown. Until the whole thing is known, only speculation can be made. Professor Chris Whitty, the British government's chief medical officer, has called for a social distance at least by the end of the year. Graeme Codrington, a future affairs expert and strategy consultant in South Africa, says the social distance movement could last at least until the middle of next year. Researchers say people-to-people contacts are likely to be reduced by up to 75% at home, school or outside the office. This means that life is not likely to return to normal soon. Therefore, the world will need a corona virus vaccine before normalcy is restored. People are waiting to see when the vaccine will be ready. According to Bill Gates, the vaccine will take 14 to 18 months to arrive. Then we have to see which country will get the vaccine first and it can be said with certainty that the people of the country which will make this vaccine first will get this medicine first. This will be followed by countries that are rich or at risk of a second virus outbreak. In short, it will take a few years for the vaccine to reach every country. Until then, we must prepare ourselves for a new general condition. False comforts are not going to help.
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