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Messages from national cricketers on Defense Day.

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 On the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day, national cricketers have paid homage to the sacrifices of the martyrs and the courage of the conquerors of the 1965 war.September 6, 1965 is a bright chapter in Pakistan's war history when the Pakistan Army inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Indian Army, which was three times its size. From that time until now, our young people are still sacrificing their lives for national defense.In such a situation, national cricketers have also greeted those who sacrificed their lives for their beloved homeland in their messages on Defense Day.

God bless my holy land.The flower crop that does not have the fear of declineThe flowers that bloom here have been blooming for yearsThere should be no opportunity to spend autumn here.Babar Azam, captain of the national cricket team, shared a photo of the soldiers guarding the country at Siachen and wrote poems by poet Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi.

National cricketer Muhammad Hafeez wrote in his message that he saluted all the martyrs of the Pakistan Army who sacrificed their lives for the hoisting of the flag in 1965.

He wrote that this day is being celebrated in remembrance of eternal sacrifices, unity and bravery.

Fast bowler Hassan Ali also shared a message on the occasion of Defense Day.

Shahid Afridi's message on Defense Day

Former captain of the national cricket team Shahid Afridi says that O people of the border lodge of my country! The winds of the homeland greet you!

Former national cricket team captain Shahid Afridi has paid tributes to Pakistan Army veterans in a message on the occasion of Defense Day on social networking site Twitter.

He said that the gaze across the rocky cliffs and green plains, the footsteps guarding the hot sand dunes and the icy glaciers, the body piercing the chest of the strong winds and strong waves, their tired, determined and high courage, O my Lodge of the borders of the country! The winds of the homeland greet you!

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